During the first year of Computer Science at UCL, I was placed in a group with two others to create the following: software for a Raspberry Pi 2 (in C) and software for a mobile (in TouchDevelop) in order to be able to place the Pi on a Phantom Drone to collect data via sensors. As Project Manager, I overseered the project as a whole, and contributed mainly to the TouchDevelop application, which would need to communicate via WiFi to the Pi and gather data such as temperature and light intensity.

I received an internal award for my contribution to

this project.

TouchDevelop Libraries

In order to simplify and generalise the DataDrone project, I created and contributed to several TouchDevelop libraries, so that these can be used in future TouchDevelop projects.

Button Library
- A library for creating a basic button
Graphing Library
- A library for creating graphs and displaying them
LinkedList Library
- A library for creating a generic linked list
WebSocket Library
- A library for creating web sockets, and making a connection

Coding Curriculum

Along with five others, I was involved with creating material as a source for younger people to learn programming. My main participation was to create a version of the basic game Snake for an Engduino in TouchDevelop.


- A version of Snake for the Engduino implemented in TouchDevelop

Heart Rate App

For a presentation, UCL had asked a person to utilise an Engduino to measure heart rate. I was kindly asked if I was able to help with creating a Heart Rate App for a presentation, due to recent skills in TouchDevelop seen in the DataDrone project. In several hours, I created an application which, when connected to the Engduino, took the data it measured from it and displayed it in a graph. I also managed to make a basic animation of a heart blinking.


Heart Rate App
- An application to show data involving heart rate from an Engduino