A new programming language

Having experienced several programming languages, none seem to suit my specific taste. Java, for example, is incredibly useful for creating programs such as servers, and can run almost anywhere nowadays. On the other hand, it lacks modern features such as properties, which can cause development to be a bit slower.


I'd like a language similar to Java, but with features that I have seen from other languages included, such as:

  • Properties and helper functions (C#)
  • Destructors (C++)
  • Functional aspects (Haskell)
  • Easier singletons (Scala)
  • Null type checking (Ceylon)
  • Operator overloading (Kotlin)
  • Easy to use (Python)

Several of these are present in other languages, and there may also be other features I would like. All of this will be decided as I go along, since I will be testing out the language to see if it is usable.


My first step is to create the lexer and parser in order to analyse words from a text file. This will ensure some checking can be done before handing over the rest to the interpreter.

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