Added GUI possibilities

I have added the possibilities for Graphics User Interfaces (GUIs). Currently, it isn't the most well-coded aspect, and I intend to change it in the future, but for now it works.

I have borrowed an image from the gameĀ Minecraft from testing purposes. The code works such that the picture displayed does not attempt to scale based upon the size of the window, but rather, the size of the texture. Chances are I will need to improve this system to incorporate both.

Some things to consider:

  • I should add GUI features, such as being able to type inside one, or use a button
  • On the note above, it is becoming increasingly annoying to print screen, crop, and save the picture. A print screen button in-game would be nice
  • I will need to make more complex models. I intend to combine them together, but, that will mean needing to rotate an object around an origin which is not currently its position. I will need to think this over.
  • For the terrain, I have a concept building in my head that will perhaps be costly and daunting, but seems quite favourable. However, I will need to make complex entities first before I can work on the terrain.
  • A glance over textures would be useful, especially for GUIs. Models make be able to get away with basic textures, but GUIs will need special work. Moreover, they need a good way of extending a GUI for flexibility and responsiveness.
  • For some odd reason,entities have problems bouncing, including going through the floor, and finishing the physics abruptly. Again, something to work on.