Beginning with the game engine

I have been watching several tutorials and learning OpenGL in order to begin the creation of the game engine. So far, I have successfully been able to understand the concept of depth perception, allowing me to create the possibility of a 3D world, and to generate a simple cube. I have also managed to create the third person perspective, allowing me to rotate around a player.

Things to consider in the future:

  • Currently the player (which is simply a cube for now) moves in the X- and Z-axes strictly. This means that the player moves in a grid like fashion, though this is probably not what I want. I should adapt my code in order to change this.
  • Creating models and textures is quite expensive in reality, as I am simply one programmer and not with a lot of time on my hands. I should probably create a clever way of figuring how to make this easier. At any rate, the easier it is to make models/texture, the┬ámore likely and quicker I will be able to add new content to the game.
  • Currently the camera is not clever, and it is possible for the view to glitch through things. Rather than limiting it to a certain number, it's possible that calculating the minimum using the surrounding objects would be better in the future.
  • I should create a GUI soon, as logging information in the console is often annoying. It would be easier to see in a chat box.